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Jan 21, 2024

Cargo Shipment on Ocean Freight Demands Costly

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A Freight Relationship Built On Trust

It seemed innocent at the time. The import shipping clerk at this particular global container carrier had a good relationship with the Importer. The customer received at least one container of foodstuffs from the shipper every single week. He had been importing for over three years and his business was valuable to the carrier and their agent. The import shipping clerk knew the procedures well and had over 20 years experience in the business.

Give An Inch, Take A Mile

One day, the importer called the customer service representative and said that he could not arrive at the office to surrender the bill of lading that day. Instead he would fax (yes that long ago) the front and back of the bill to get the release, and subsequently be in the office the very next day to deliver the original bill of lading as required. The carrier acted in accordance and the importer was in the office the next day to deliver the bill of lading as promised.

Harvert Milan

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Rasel ArnoldJan 24, 2024

Though author order shouldn't matter, industry custom and practical limitations say otherwise.


Ryans JosephJan 22, 2024

Though author order shouldn't matter, industry custom and practical limitations say otherwise.


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